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As in the human field, comfort care refers to the provision of proactive, personalised veterinary medicine to manage the symptoms of chronic, often terminal, ill health with the aim of maximising quality of life. 

Comfort care addresses the needs of the whole family offering physical, emotional and social support to pets as well as emotional support to owners. 

It can be initiated at any elderly stage or during an end of life process to enhance quality of life for weeks, months or years. 

Grey Cat


BOND FOCUSED - we recognise that the bond with your pet is of utmost importance. By looking at creative, stress free ways of medicating and providing treatments we prioritise the integrity of the human animal bond.


INTEGRATIVE - by encompassing conventional medicine, nutrition, behavioural, physical and alternative therapies we ensure your pet's physical, social and your emotional well being is comprehensively taken care of.


INTERDISCIPLINARY - we partner with specialists in their field to ensure your pet receives the highest standard of care and you receive the bereavement support you need. 

HOME-ORIENTED - everyone is more comfortable in their own space that's why for our initial extended consult, we will come to you. 

TIME GIVING - our extended consultations allow you the time you need to feel completely comfortable every step of the way. 


Boy Cuddling with his Dog


We focus on end of life care because we are passionate about living. 


Our hope, by empowering you with information and support, is that we can make this challenging journey a smooth and positive one.


Through open and honest communication we aim to build a close relationship with you so we can walk side by side down this difficult road.

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